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President Rosenbaum's Inaugural Address

"…This inauguration ceremony provides an occasion for us as a community to stand outside the hurly burly of everyday life and to connect to the values that animate this glorious Institute. It is a time to ensure that Caltech's fundamental identity comes from within and that it is never imposed from without. It is an opportunity for us to distill the hard-won experience of the past so that we may create a sense of magic and wholeness for the future.

The California Institute of Technology is one of a select few institutions in the world devoted to unraveling the mysteries of the universe, to creating knowledge for the ages. Although these most basic of pursuits can seem esoteric in a torn world, in the aftermath of the nihilism and pressing immediacy of a 9/11, it informs our identity as human beings…"

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Don Michael Randel's Keynote Address

"…The nation's problem is not principally that we spend too much money on the wrong things and not enough money on the right things. The nation's problem is much deeper. It is that not enough of our people possess that turn of mind that underlies what scientists and engineers and humanists and artists actually do and why they do it. The best of them all do what they do because they can't help it. As a great scientist remarked recently, they just have to know…"

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